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Frisch produzierte Fotochemikalien

für die Film- und Papierentwicklung

C-41, E-6, RA-4, Schwarzweiß und Color

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Individueller Freigeist im schnelllebigen Alltag:

Filme selbst entwickeln

Besinnung auf das Wesentliche

Anwenderfreundlich und zukunftsorientiert:

Die TETENAL S/W Entwickler- und Fixiertabletten

Geplante Einführung Ende Q2/2021



Professional photo chemicals for your film and paper developing

Tailor-made solutions for minilab, prolab, finishing, darkroom,
black-and-white and color photography, directly from the manufacturer

Welcome to TETENAL 1847 GmbH

TETENAL Hintergrund Fotos

Professional photochemicals for analog photography

PHOTOGRAPHY is fascination: creative, exciting and of course multi-layered. Analog photography is the individualization of ideas and the balancing counterpoint to the snapshot mass market. We love and live photography since 1847. That's why we produce high-quality chemical special products (developers, fixers, stop baths and others) for professional photo production. With our innovative strength and expertise, we have been one of the global players in product development and production in the field of analogue photography for more than 170 years. We serve customers in more than 100 countries worldwide who look forward to and rely on TETENAL's diverse and complete range.

(Times change, and we change in them)

Tetenal Europe GmbH was liquidated and the new TETENAL 1847 GmbH was founded. How did that work?

With a commitment to the history of employee initiative: Decades of knowledge in the development and production of photographic chemistry were saved with this in autumn 2018 as part of a bankruptcy of the old Tetenal Europe GmbH with a promising restructuring concept and taken over into the new TETENAL 1847 GmbH.

Under the name TETENAL 1847, we are now developing analog photochemistry with innovative approaches with our knowledge. In addition to successful classics, there will be other groundbreaking developments that will combine analogue photography with digital delivery. In particular, analogue photography is making its comeback as a creative alternative to digital overload. With our new TETENAL starter kits MAGIC BOX we want to enable newbies to start an analog adventure and look forward to new "TETENAL experts" who want to become part of this cultural asset.


Dramatik in der Bildsprache zum Ausdruck bringen bedeutet selber machen statt nur zu konsumieren
#tetenalfans und #tetenalartist

Records and instant films have shown that there is a demand for nostalgic products from target groups who have not even grown up with these technologies. This is also the case with film photography. Whether it is the camera from the attic of the grandparents or directly from a second-hand shop - cameras, films and the associated image style are increasingly in demand.

"But the fascination of analogue photography does not end with the exposure of the film," says Carsten Gehring, Managing Director of TETENAL 1847 GmbH. The Norderstedt team has made it their mission to bring the fascination of film development to those who have never developed a film.

Taking analog photography means taking the time to slow down and concentrate on the essentials. Developing a film yourself and having all the possibilities to determine the final image with the TETENAL chemicals used is what makes analog photography magic! Each picture is unique!

Back to the roots of photography. Become part of this cultural asset!

Post your analog photos with the hashtags #tetenalartist or #tetenalfans and link us in your post on Instagram and Facebook. The most beautiful photos are available here on our homepage!




Now you can order as a private person directly from the manufacturer
freshly produced photo chemicals for analog photography here in our consumer shop

From now on you have the opportunity to order the TETENAL products directly in our online shop – quite simply and uncomplicated, 24 hours a day! If you have any questions or would like personal advice, you can simply use our form online and describe your question. We will answer to you as soon as possible after receiving your message.

With just a few clicks you can put your favorite product in the shopping cart and complete the ordering process. We wish you a lot of fun during your visit to our online shop , where you will find a large selection of our established black and white & color classics chemistry.

One of the most popular product in color processing is our Colortec kits® for negative, paper and reverse processing. Another classic is the Neofin Blue One-Shot developer for black and white negatives, which offer an extraordinary sharpness. Try the Eukobrom/Eukobrom AC paper developers for intense shadows and shiny highlights.

Another addition to TETENAL's product range are the gold and sepia toners from the Creative Design segment. The nostalgic spirit of sepia is still very popular in black and white photography. Don't miss the incredibly fast Superfix Plus fixers now available in different sizes. In addition, you will find some useful laboratory tools that will make life easier for you in analog photography – such as our antistatic spray, Lavaquick for quick final rinsing as well as emulsions, cleaners and antistatic wipes.

Exclusive shopping has never been so easy and safe. In our TETENAL Classics brochure you will find all important information summarized again. To open, please click on the left image.

We wish you a lot of fun during your visit to our online shop!



For our commercial customers

The TETENAL product portfolio for commercial laboratories includes a wide range of photochemicals for almost all processes and applications: from minilab to professional laboratory to online finishing.

TETENAL chemicals for RA-4, C-41, E-6 and B/W ensure a particularly high quality of workmanship and enable safe, user-friendly handling - they stand for an optimal combination of cost-effectiveness and compliance with ecological requirements.

Our TETENAL ProChem are divided into the following segments:

  1. Monoline: One-piece chemistry for photographic processing in smaller rooms (minilabs)
  2. Compactline: Chemistry in cartridges for minimal waste
  3. Professionalline: For professional laboratories and photo book producers

TETENAL is the traditional provider in photo and film chemistry, which has always set quality standards. We stand for innovative research and process development, high competence and reliability. With our professional color and black and white products, we have been one of the world market leaders in analog photography processing for many years. For minilabs as well as prolabs, for finishing and darkroom – we offer the right solutions for your black-and-white and color photography processing.

Do you have any questions about our products and delivery quantities? We are happy to be available for personal advice. Please contact us!

You can see our brochure on TETENAL Professionals here. Please click on the picture.



The developer chemicals in tablet form

TETENAL 1847 is currently conducting a profound research on the development of photochemicals in tablet form. Tablets can generally be stored well and are durable for a long time. They require less storage space than bottles containing liquid chemicals and do not cause much dirt/dust even compared to powder chemicals.

When used, only the required dosage/quantity is taken from the packaging. Simply add water and the finished working solution is created. No detailed measurement of various components anymore or worries about excess chemicals. Photo chemicals in tablet form are user-friendly and precisely doseable.

Creating photochemicals in tablet form becomes reality from our vision to create photochemicals. We are in the final stages of final tablet pressing of the first B/W developer and fixer tablet and are about to be launched.  Looking to the future, liquid becomes solid. Another milestone of TETENAL, another milestone in the evolution of analog photography.

TETENAL 1847 GmbH intends to keep the "cultural heritage" of analogue photography actively alive and to continue to research innovative products and forms of existence in the future.

We'll stick to it, stick to it you too.


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