RESPONSIBILITY in environmental issues

At TETENAL, a strong policy of risk avoidance and environmental commitment beyond regulatory requirements ensures a pervasive environmental consciousness.

We continuously work to optimize the environmental compatibility of all production processes. The entire lifecycle of all products is a design challenge for environmental protection.

The guiding principle is: avoid before reduce, reduce before reuse.


This applies to raw materials, production methods, packaging materials, conditioning and transportation, and especially to product application.

Early on, we started integrating many products into a nearly closed material cycle through comprehensive recycling programs.

"Low replenishment" products and the use of revitalizer chemicals lead to better raw material utilization and more effective recycling rates.

Have you already tried those products?

Colortec ® E-6 3-Bath Kit for 2,5 L
ATTENTION: Hazardous product!Enhances the development of all colour reversal films in 3-Bath processes with First Developer, Colour Developer and Bleach Fix plus the final Stabilizer solution. The Reversal Bath that is used in the E-6 standard process is already integrated into the Colour Developer of the 3-bath kit. A further simplification regarding the 3 bath version is that bleaching and fixing, that has to be processed separately in the standard process, are performed in a combined bleach fix. Also the Conditioner step is integrated into the Bleach Fix. Optimized for processing at 38°C in tanks and rotary processors. Capacity: Max. 30 films x 135-36 or max. 30 films x 120 or max 122 films x 4x5 inch or max. 15 films x 220 You need inspirational and visual examples?Here you will find exciting photos of photographers who have used the product: Images with Colortec found on FLICKR or on INSTAGRAM

Content: 3 Liter (€38.01* / 1 Liter)

Colortec ® RA-4 Kit for 5 l
ATTENTION: Hazardous product!Working set consisting of color developer and bleaching fixation bath for the processing of RA-4 color paper in small development machines,.B such as printo, thermaphot, thirst RCP as well as in drums, such as .B. Jobo. Development either at 30°C or 35°C.  Odorless Colortec RA-4 chemicals based on the "Advanced Odourless Technology" ensure a pleasant, user-friendly indoor climate. 2-part formulas for color developers and bleaching fixation bath - each with equal amounts of part - allow a simple and safe approach of the processing baths. Productiveness:10m² / kit for 5 liters Simple application – excellent keeping properties of the working solutions. Capacity: up to max. 10 m². Kit for 5 l.   You need inspirational and visual examples? Images with Colortec Ra-4 found on FLICKR or on INSTAGRAM  

Content: 2 Liter (€59.97* / 1 Liter)

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