TETENAL 1847 GmbH QUALITY: Without compromises

The special quality commitment is effective in all areas of TETENAL. From initial consulting to production, from product services to continuous support. A quality requirement that is binding on all employees. These requirements determine all critical operations.

The confrontation with problems and bottlenecks, which certainly also affect us, but also with new ideas and the constantly changing customer requirements, are not without consequences here either. That is why the commitment to securing the future always includes an effective improvement and further development of our quality system.

Satisfied customers through perfect quality. That is our minimum standard.

Our quality priorities summarized:

  • Research, product development and testing
  • Procurement of raw materials, intermediates and packaging materials
  • Production and packaging
  • Storage, shipping and transport
  • Disposal and recovery of waste
  • Quality checks
  • Employee training
  • Order processing, marketing and sales
  • Environmental protection and occupational safety
Dokumol 1 l
Special developer for all B/W papers and document films. Produces a very high gradation.Dilution: techn. films: 1+5, Time: 3 – 4 min. Temp.: 20 °C Papers: 1+9, Time: 60 – 90 s PE, 90 – 120 s baryt papers. 1 l conc. up to 50 m². You need inspirational and visual examples?Here you will find exciting photos of photographers who have used the product: Images developed with Dokumol found on FLICKR or on INSTAGRAM  

Content: 1 Liter

Eukobrom AC 1 l
A new formula without hydroquinone, for all b/w photo papers, baryta as well as PE and PE Vario. Developing in dishes/trays, drums and small desk top developing tanks. Eukobrom AC produces deep blacks with low stain at the same time and thus ensures an excellent contrast. The image tone is neutral black.Dilution 1 + 4 up to 1 + 9. 1 l conc. for max. 40 m² (1+9) resp. 25 m² (1+4). You need inspirational and visual examples?Here you will find exciting photos of photographers who have used the product: Images developed with Eukobrom AC found on FLICKR or on INSTAGRAM

Content: 1 Liter

Eukoprint VR 5 l
Modern, very stable and clean working B/W developer for machine processing.VR stands for Variable Replenishment – replenishment rate can be adjusted in a range from 150 ml to 250 ml per m², depending upon individual workload. Eukoprint VR can be replenished on top of any B/W developer for machine processing.  Working solution = Replenisher, Dilution: 1+4. Differing from this the concentrate is diluted 1+3 when used in Ilford processors 2050/2150 RC. 5 l conc. for 25 l.

Content: 5 Liter (€23.31* / 1 Liter)

Variobrom WA 1 l
A top class Warmtone Developer for all black and white fibre based and RC coated papers. Produces neutral to warmblack image tones with silver bromide papers and warmblack tones with silver chloride papers. Optimally suitable for both dish/tray and machine processing. Variobrom WA gives deep blacks with very low stain at the same time. It is high-yielding and extremely stable. Dish processing: Dilution 1 + 9. Development time at 20°C: RC coated papers 60 – 90 s, fibre based papers 90 – 120 s. Machine processing: Dilution 1 + 7. Development time at 30°C: RC coated papers 30 s, fibre based papers 45 s. Repl. rate 350 ml/m².  A stop bath is required between development and fixing, e.g.  Tetenal Indicet Art.No. 101045. 1 l conc. up to 50 m2      

Content: 1 Liter

Variofix Powder
Powdered fuser bath for all b&W films and photo papers. Base sodium thiosulfate, with acidic and stabilizing additives.  Content2 bags a 500 g for 2 x 5 l ProductivenessMax. 2 x 5 m²    

Content: 1 Kilogramm

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