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TETENAL ProChem photochemicals offer maximum development quality, user-friendliness and economy. They enable simple and also safe handling of chemicals.

Special product lines have been created to meet the special requirements of different user groups:

    1-Part chemicals - simple, practical, ideal for minilabs
    Chemicals with cartridges - unsurpassed safety, for Frontier, d-labs, Konica MInolta, ecojet
    Multi-part chemicals - for the highest demands of professional users


Conventional photochemicals usually consist of several parts that have to be mixed with water in a given order. Incorrect sequence, double and too fast addition of parts are typical mistakes that can happen again and again, even to experienced users. With TETENAL monoline, the idea of combining several parts into one concentrate has been implemented highly effectively, so that mix-ups and preparation errors are virtually eliminated.


TETENAL compactline is specially tailored to Frontier's minilab systems and the d-lab series. The cartridge system offers pleasant convenience when filling and refilling chemicals and is suitable even for untrained personnel. Their compact size saves a lot of storage space. Compared to conventional chemicals, compactline cartridges offer a number of special advantages in terms of economy and convenience.


To provide our commercial customers with the best possible quality, the TETENAL professionalline offers the perfect products for every part of the process. We consider a variety of packaging sizes, quantities and parameters to ensure that all our professional customers find what they need. Any constellation is covered: from ready-to-use solutions in small packages to IBC containers with 1,000 liter super low rate concentrates to recycling color developers and bleach fixer baths, all customer requirements are served from a single source.

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COLOR Chemie


    • C-41
    • RA-4
    • RA-4 Startup Kits
    • CN-16 L
    • ecojet Tabletten


    • C-41
    • RA-4
    • RA-4 Starter + Additive
    • E-6
    • E-6 Starter + Hilfsmittel
    • E-6 bulk


    • C-41
    • RA-4
    • RA-4 Recycling
    • RA-4 Starter + Additive

RA-4 High Speed

    • CPK-2-22-LR
    • SP 2000
    • SP 3000



Graphic Arts

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  • Reinigungstücher
  • Sprays
  • Creative Design
  • Spezialitäten


CINE Chemie

  • ECN-2
  • ECP-2


OEM Produktion