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The Tetenal Compact line is especially tailored to the minilab systems by Frontier and the d-lab series. The cartridge system offers pleasant convenience when filling and refilling chemicals and is even appropriate for untrained personnel. Their compact size saves great amounts of storage space. Also included is the Super Stabilizing Bath which is particularly resistant against algae and microorganisms. There’s no need for external mixing containers and wearisome calculations of mixing ratios anymore.

To deliver the best possible quality to our commercial clients, the Tetenal Professional line offers the perfect products for every part of the process. We take a great variety of packaging sizes, quantities and parameters into account to ensure that all of our professional clients find what they need.

ProChem - TETENAL Photochemikalien

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COLOR Chemie


    • C-41
    • RA-4
    • RA-4 Startup Kits
    • CN-16 L
    • ecojet Tabletten


    • C-41
    • RA-4
    • RA-4 Starter + Additive
    • E-6
    • E-6 Starter + Hilfsmittel
    • E-6 bulk


    • C-41
    • RA-4
    • RA-4 Recycling
    • RA-4 Starter + Additive

RA-4 High Speed

    • CPK-2-22-LR
    • SP 2000
    • SP 3000



Graphic Arts

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  • Reinigungstücher
  • Sprays
  • Creative Design
  • Spezialitäten


CINE Chemie

  • ECN-2
  • ECP-2


OEM Produktion