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Developing photo films and photo paper yourself at home


From now on, we will not print out instructions for use, thus making a further contribution to sustainable environmental protection.

Our customers can use a QR code to access the page with the instructions for use and either view the desired items online, download them and print them if necessary. 


 Date: March 2022


Dear customers,

we are pleased to present our new odourless buffered stop bath with indicator Indicet 0,25 l . Indicet 0,25 l  is mainly used in the processing of Black & White films and Black & White photographic papers in trays and developing tanks, it can also be used in developing machines as well as in Tetenal Colortec ® C-41 and RA-4 processes.

The new product  is available from today auf our online shop

NEW PODCAST // 28.04.2021

TETENAL— SilvergrainConnection Episode 3: New Tetenal and The Post-Digital Era
“New” TETENAL, two years in: where do they stand, what are they working on? In our third episode of Silvergrain Connection, we chat with Peter Rasenberger, the investor who helped to save the company two years ago.

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