Colortec ® E-6 3-bath kit for 1 l


Content: 1.2 (€45.63* / 1 Liter)

Available in 45 days, delivery time on request

Product number: 102035


First Developer FD
Causes skin irritation
H319   Causes serious eye irritation


Colour Developer CD Part 1
  May be corrosive to metals
H315   Causes skin irritation
H319   Causes serious eye irritation


Colour Developer CD Part 2
Causes skin irritation
H318   Causes serious eye damage
H317   May cause an allergic skin reaction
H411   Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects

Product information "Colortec ® E-6 3-bath kit for 1 l "

ATTENTION: Hazardous product!

Type-oriented development of all color reverse films in a 3-bath process with first developer, color developer and bleaching bath. A final stabilizer bath is also included in the packs.

The reverse bath used in the E-6 Standard process is an integral part of the color developer in the 3-bath process, the standard conditioning bath is included in the bleaching tester bath in the 3-bath version.

A further simplification in the 3-bath process results from the merging of the bleaching bath and the fixing bath, which are processed separately in the standard process.

Optimized for processing at 38° Celsius in cans and rotary devices.

Max. 12 movies 135-36 or max. 12 movies x 120 or max. 49 movies times 4x5 inch or max. 6 movies x 220

COLORTEC® - kits (kits for processes C-41, RA-4 and E-6) are perfectly matched to the development in Jobo rotary devices, cans and small RT machines.

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Details on the product related hazards and on the hazardous substances contained can be found in sections 2 and 3 of the Safety Data Sheet.