TETENAL Superfix Plus 1 litre


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Product number: 102762

H319   Causes serious eye irritation

Product information "TETENAL Superfix Plus 1 litre"

ATTENTION: Hazardous product!

High performance rapid fixer for all B/W papers and films. Suitable for fixing in trays, drums or machines.

Dilution:1 + 4 up to 1 + 9. Differing from this the concentrate is diluted 1 + 3 when used in Ilford processors 2050/2150 RC.

1 l conc. for up to 20 m².

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Images fixed with Superfix Plus found on FLICKR or on INSTAGRAM

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Details on the product related hazards and on the hazardous substances contained can be found in sections 2 and 3 of the Safety Data Sheet.


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TETENAL Chem Cleaner 1 l
Efficient cleaner for stainless steel, plastic and glass. Removes tar, developer stain and other deposits. Supplied in a bottle with integral spray valve. Ideal for the „intermediate“ cleaning of colour developer racks. Very easy application: Spray on the surfaces to be cleaned, leave to take effect for a minute or two, rinse off with water. 1 l: bottle with integral spray valve. With integral spray valve  or diluted as a developer tank cleaner.Dilution: 1+4 (approx. 30-45 min.) – 1+9 (max. 12 hours).  

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Optic microfibre cloth
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