TETENAL camera varnish spray


Content: 200 (€0.11* / 1 Milliliter)

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Product number: 105202
Product information "TETENAL camera varnish spray"

Deep matte micro-pigmented special purpose varnish for matting and retouching of cameras, lens tubes, projectors, optical devices, etc.

Another application is the coating of measuring devices, scales, experimental set ups, etc that require totally nonreflective surfaces. 200 ml can. 
Note for transport:
This product is subject to the regulations for the transport of dangerous goods, which increases the transport costs in international shipping.

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Gefahrgut: UN 1950

GH502, GH507, GH509 | H222-229, H319, H336, H411


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SUPERFIX odourless
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Mirasol 2000 antistatic
Tetenal Mirasol 2000 Antistatic/Glanzol Antistatic Wetting for B/W Movies.Allows the clean draining of washing water and thus prevents water drops that leave lime stains when drying out. Also suitable as a high-gloss agent (gloss ol) for baryte paper. Bactericidal effect. Antistatic wetting agent (dilution 1 + 400) for B/W films. Ideal as a high gloss, (gloss ol) for baryte paper. (Dilution 1 + 40) Bactericidal effect.   

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Magic Box E-6 kit
With the Tetenal Magic-Box E-6 color slide films can be developed quickly and safely at home, based on the process E-6. The box contains all concentrates necessary for mixing the developing baths. The ideal kit for the first own film processing of 1 roll of 135-36 film or 1 roll film 120. Additionally you need1 absolutely dark room to insert the film (or a change bag)1 developing box (e.g. JOBO 1510/1520, Paterson, A&P.) with a film spiral1 Thermometer1 Smartphone (or another clock to stop the times)1 bowl (ideal is 30 × 40 cm with a high edge)1 measuring cylinder (approx. 250 ml for measuring water)1 measuring cup (approx. 1 litre for watering)4 bottles, 250 ml each (as storage bottles for the freshly mixed baths)1 waterproof pen to mark the bottles (you can also use adhesive labels)2 clamps for hanging the developed film (e.g. clothes pegs)1 pair of gloves Note for transport:This product is subject to the regulations for the transport of dangerous goods, which increases the transport costs in international shipping.  

Content: 0.3 Liter (€53.17* / 1 Liter)