PTP 115 PATERSON developing tank incl. 2 spirals


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PATERSON developing tank
Product number: 404006
Product information "PTP 115 PATERSON developing tank incl. 2 spirals"

Development box incl. 2 adjustable spirals for 2 x 35mm films or 1 x roll film 120mm

The Paterson universal tank including 2 self-charging coils can be used for the processing of 35mm films or roll films. With this system, you can develop up to 2 x 35mm photo films or a 120 roll film.

The Paterson tank system is easy to use. Loading, filling, emptying and cleaning is easy.

The universal tank and the film coils, which can be flexibly adjusted depending on the film width, make it possible for you to process both 35550-30andd and roll films with this system.

Quantity of chemicals required for 1 x 35mm film = 290ml for 2 x 35mm film or 1 roll film = 500ml

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