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TETENAL 1847 is a very special start-up and looks back on 173 years of experience in the development of photochemistry. How does this work? With an employee initiative that is unique in history: Decades of knowledge in the development and production of photographic chemistry were saved with this in autumn 2018 as part of a bankruptcy of Tetenal Europe GmbH with a promising restructuring concept.

Under the name TETENAL 1847, we are now developing analog photochemistry with innovative approaches with our knowledge. In addition to successful classics, there will be other groundbreaking developments that combine analogue photography with digital delivery.

In particular, analogue photography is making its comeback as a creative alternative to digital overload. With our new Tetenal starter kit Newbies, we want to enable the start of an analog adventure and look forward to new "T-Experts" who want to become part of this promising market segment.


Expressing drama in visual language means doing yourself instead of just consuming
#tetenalfans and #tetenalartist

Records and instant film films have shown that there is a demand for nostalgic products from target groups who have not even grown up with these technologies. This is also the case with film photography. Whether it is the camera from the attic of the grandparents or directly from a second-hand shop - cameras, films and the associated image style are increasingly in demand.

"But the fascination of analogue photography does not end with the exposure of the film," says Carsten Gehring, Managing Director of Tetenal 1847 GmbH. The Norderstedt team has made it their mission to bring the fascination of film development to those who have never developed a film.

Taking analogphotography means taking the time to slow down and concentrate on the essentials. Developing a film yourself and having all the possibilities to determine the final image with the TETENAL chemicals used is what makes analog photography magic! Each picture is unique!

Back to the roots of photography. Become part of this cultural asset!

Post your analog photos with the hashtags #tetenalartist or #tetenalfans and link us in your post on Instagram and Facebook. The most beautiful photos are available here on our homepage!





Everything you need for it

In our category Photochemistry you will find a selection of Tetenal's own established black and white & color classics. One of the most popular products in color processing are our Colortec® kits for negative, paper and reverse processing. Another classic is the Neofin Blue One-Shot developer for black-and-white negatives, which offer an extraordinary sharpness. 

Also try the Eukobrom/Eukobrom AC paper developers for intense shadows and shiny highlights. A fresh addition to New Tetenal's product range are the gold and sepia toners from Creative Design. The nostalgic spirit of sepia is still very popular in black and white photography. Don't miss the incredibly fast Superfix Plus fixer, which is now available in different sizes. 

Finally, make sure you have some useful lab tools that make your life easier in analog photography – such as our antistatic spray, Lavaquick for quick final flushing, as well as emulsions, cleaners and antistatic wipes. 

Take a moment to relax and be fascinated by breathtaking creativity – Welcome to TETENAL 1847 GmbH, your specialist in analog photography! 

Here you can go shopping directly in the online shop. In our Classics brochure you will find all important information. Click on the picture.





For our commercial customers

The TETENAL product portfolio for commercial laboratories includes a wide range of photochemicals for almost all processes and applications: from minilab to professional laboratory to online finishing.

TETENAL chemicals for RA-4, C-41, E-6 and B/W ensure a particularly high quality of workmanship and enable safe, user-friendly handling - they stand for an optimal combination of cost-effectiveness and compliance with ecological requirements.

Our TETENAL ProChem are divided into the following segments:

  1. Monoline: One-piece chemistry for photographic processing in smaller rooms (minilabs)
  2. Compactline: Chemistry in cartridges for minimal waste
  3. Professionalline: For professional laboratories and photo book producers

Do you have any questions about our products and delivery quantities? We are happy to be available for personal advice. Please contact us!

You can see our brochure on TETENAL Professionals here. Please click on the picture.



The developer chemicals in tablet form


An effervescent tablet form of E6 and C41 developer chemicals would have many advantages. First of all, a tablet has an almost unlimited shelf life and requires extremely little storage space.

For home users with small darkrooms, this would alleviate storage space problems and eliminate wasted liquid chemicals that had "gone badly" between the development of one batch of films and the next. Most photographers now order online instead of trotting into their local store, and tablets have the advantage that they can ship much more cost-effectively.

For fans of mobile lab development boxes, what better way to bring your developer! Simply add water on site, no measurement of various components or worry about leaks along the way. In terms of environmental policy, the tablets would also be more responsible, as they reduce both the ship's space/weight and waste chemicals.


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