The safety data sheets are available to Tetenal customers free of charge. They must not be changed, falsified or deleted. The data sheets can be printed or copied in any amount for your own use. The making of copies for a third party is not allowed.

The details on the data sheets correspond to the level of knowledge available at the time of their production. The production date of the data sheet is given at the top of each sheet.

The data sheets refer to the concentrates which are delivered from Tetenal. The properties of the working solution, which are made by diluting the concentrates with water and mixing with other parts, are considerably different from those of the concentrates. In general is the dangerousness of the working solutions is significantly lower than that of the concentrates.

The information on the data sheets refer to the agreed use of the products, as in the instructions for use. If the products are mixed with other substances or preparations or used other than specified, it can lead to dangers, which are not outlined in the data sheets.

If there are missing data sheets for products you use, please contact TETENAL Europe GmbH direct.

The safety data sheets to be downloaded free of charge are installed as a PDF data file. Therefore, you will need an Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to read the data files. This free Adobe Acrobat Reader offers to you the possibilities to open the file, to navi-gate it as well as to print these PDF data files by all common platforms. Acrobat Leader is the free module to read PDF data files.

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